How to Raise a Successful Child with A.D.D.

How to Raise a Successful Child with A.D.D. is a must-have book, written to help change your life and the life of the special child who struggles with a learning disorder.  The 7 principles for finding the balance you need are designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire you as you learn how to:

  • Stop the blame game
  • Not let frustration overwhelm you
  • Realize that all children are a gift from God and He has a purpose for each of us
  • Ask God for guidance
  • Turn your relapses into opportunities to refocus
  • Be willing to make sacrifices and learn that persistence is key
  • Build a trusting relationship with your child


No longer do you need to live with feelings of guilt, frustration, helplessness, and fear. Authors Dr. TeShaunda Hannor-Walker and Jacque Walker—professionals and parents of an A.D.D. daughter—guide you on your own spiritual journey toward peace and happiness as you learn to focus on balance in living rather than on the disorder.

How to Raise a Successful Child with A.D.D. teaches you to turn the disorder - or any learning difficulty—into your own successful version: Anointed, Delivered, and Divinely Favored.